About Me

Ever since my 5th grade experimental HTML lesson, where I was first introduced to Adobe Photoshop, I knew that it would not take long before I dive deeper into the world of design. As a teenager, I auto-didactically learned how to master Adobe Creative Suite and after my military service I began my studies at the Visual Communication Department of Shenkar College.

My love for design, combined with great curiosity regarding the field of graphics, led me to practice a wide range of visual communication disciplines, including web design and interaction, print design, art direction, branding, typography and calligraphy.

In recent years, my passion has shifted towards the world of product design. I find immense satisfaction in crafting user experiences (UX) that are both beautiful and intuitive. I’m constantly fascinated by the challenge of translating complex ideas into clear, user-friendly interfaces. While I still cherish the artistic aspects of design, my focus now lies on using design thinking and user research to create products that solve real problems and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

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